Haux Haux!

Haux Healing wants to make authentic, ancestral natural medicines easily available to those who seek them. Our goal is to provide these tools sustainably, to promote healing, strength and connection to ourselves, Pachamama and the creator.

The word Haux comes from the Tupi-Guarani language. It is used by Shamans when initiating and finalizing song or healing work as a greeting to the people and the spiritual dimension.

Our products are based on traditional, indigenous knowledge from sacred tribes in South America, to promote ancestral healing of the body, mind and soul.

Fair Trade

We are passionate about supporting indigenous communities.

Our team respectfully and sustainably harvest our products in close cooperation with the Local Indigenous Communities. We play an active role in the community and guarantee that we share and support our indigenous tribes.

We maintain strict standards to identify and obtain products of the highest quality from the purest sources. All of our work and that of our indigenous companions is offered with love and a firm commitment to the protection of the ecosystems within these regions and a pledge to guarantee fair trade in all of our organic practices.

Our intention is to continue a sustainable connection with these tribes, enabling both, the tribe and Haux Healing customers, to benefit from this exchange.